To me, leveling seemed really fast. Not sure if it's just me or what. But I made a second playthrough of BG3, and I was really surprised at how fast I hit the level cap. I didn't think that it happened MEGA fast my first playthrough, but I did feel like I got to level 3 quite a bit faster than I had expected. In my second playthrough, all I've done is (***SPOILERS***) kill the head druid so the tieflings could take over the grove, ran over to the goblin camp, recruited them, killed all the tieflings, and boom. Level 4. I've hardly done anything in the act yet, but I've already leveled up to the cap. There's still TONS left. When they remove the cap, I feel like by the end of act 1 I'll be level 6 or 7 if they removed the cap. I realize leveling gets a lot slower the higher level you are, but to me, it's kinda fun to be a low level noob. I haven't gone and checked to see if the same amount of experience is required for levels or if the amount of experience is given per goblin or whatever, but dang it really seems like it goes fast. I don't even remember doing anything when I was second level.

Just a thought that maybe they need to pull back the reins on leveling speed. I get that a lot of people don't like being a noob, but to me, it inspires strategy. When you have an impossible fight in DnD, there's always a way to win. The creativity of players always amazes me in tabletop DnD.

If the xp gains and amount of xp required per level is straight out of the DnD rulebook, I guess it's fine. To me it just seems a little fast.