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I think there an issue with encounter size. If they were using the rules as written, tossing a dozen of anything at a party of 4 would probably end up in a total party kill so we are killing more mobs then a tabletop adventuring party would so leveling seems faster?

Guess now I have to do another playthrough and just keep track of everything I am killing and keep track of when I level.

Yeah some of the fights I've noticed would end up in tpk's if played straight up by rules listed in rulebook. The fact that your the same level as everything else alone would end up in alot of tpk's on tabletop. Though it could be a reason for all these other effects, the whole larger swarm of enemies, barrels, surface things as well. to try and level the playing field, while keeping enemies in larger numbers.

begs the question are the levels like CR rating, or they just standard game levels?

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