Yeah some of the fights I've noticed would end up in tpk's if played straight up by rules listed in rulebook. The fact that your the same level as everything else alone would end up in alot of tpk's on tabletop. Though it could be a reason for all these other effects, the whole larger swarm of enemies, barrels, surface things as well. to try and level the playing field, while keeping enemies in larger numbers.

begs the question are the levels like CR rating, or they just standard game levels?[/quote]

Lets take the
hook terror
for example which is cr3. Having (not all the time) to fight 4 of them PLUS their additional jump skill that does dmg and brings up their avg dpr?

IF this was straight raw, you'd be dead.

I'm glad those levels came quickly, cause everything else you fight has multi attack and other terrible things. Those extra spell slots / hp comes in handy.

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