Some sizeable gripes I have:
1.) Very little reaction from the world to events that are going on. Nobody seems to freak out or really care about what's going on in the world. I giant tentacle ship crashed from the sky with Mindflayers, brains and people dropping from the sky and dragons flying around and no one seems to care.
2.) Very little character development with the companions. They go from not really caring about the PC or each other to "let's bang". It's weird. There needs to be significantly more character development, dialogue and relationship building (of both friendship and romance).
3.) All companions are some weird special cases. It's a huge shame because ripping a character out of a world of normalcy and then tossing them into the role of the party would be far more powerful I think. Especially moving from a level 1 character to a level 10 throughout the journey. It seems weird for any of the protagonists to be level 1 characters or to be the starting party. Add in more variety, some visual customization options (not a fan of any female companions) and some normal characters. I sincerely hope the 8 companions we know of aren't it.
4.) More customization or leveling variety. I don't feel anything great from leveling at all (as of level 4).
5.) More non-party camp members.
6.) Camera is very wonky and needs significant improvements to moving around, cinematics, etc.

For a team that I thought had some pretty good writing in the past, I felt like the writing for the EA was the biggest weak spot for BG3 so far.