Leveling feels too fast to me. The first map is so loaded with stuff (combat). You get to level 4 so quickly just exploring one area you don't really even have time to get a feel of levels 1-3. I didn't even get to the underground areas yet.

The XP gains from kills seemed really inconsistent though. Maybe the values aren't final yet.

I really hope they do the "lone wolf" concept by simply giving more XP when there's less people to share it.

Let's say we are at 100k XP total. 4 characters with 25k each would be level 7. 2 characters with 50k each would be level 9. A single character would have just made level 12. That sounds a bit strong but the exact numbers could be tweaked. Those couple extra levels for having less characters in the party are a lot more fun than giving them some random numerical buffs that override the rules.

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