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I'm almost a little concerned about what it means for the rest of the game. I feel like by the time we're past the beginning area we'll be like level 5 or 6, leaving no room for the rest of the adventure.

This is, again, pretty standard design in 5e campaign supplements. There's often an optional starter adventure to get the characters from 1st to 3rd in a hurry (in Ghosts of Saltmarsh it was that bit with the haunted house...in Princes of the Apocalypse it was the corrupt town members sending them rumor chasing, Strahd had the Death House).

4th and 5th are also meant to pass pretty fast and then everything slows down a lot at 5th level onward with most of the campaigns ending somewhere between 10th and 15th level. (Curse of Strahd ends around 10th Level, Ghosts of Saltmarsh around 11th, and Princes around 15th)

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