This and the abundance of magical items (most of which are not worth using) are the two main points I listed in my suggested changes thread. Were it not for the XP Limit, you could get to level 5 solely in the content we've gotten so far. This is almost 1/2 of the levels we're probably going to get in the game. (level cap probs 11-12)
I think all they need to do is space the xp out more. Move level 3 to goblin camp area. make level 4 the final possible level in act 1, something like that. it shouldn't be too hard to change, and I really think they should. I mentioned the fact that classes progress through the levels differently, and jumping to level 5 so quickly removes a lot of levels were classes like War domain clerics, barbarians, etc shine brighter compared to other classes and the same thing goes for specific subclasses.

edit: or make level 3 the final level in act one and save the asi/feat for the start of act 2, that might be cooler.