I would say that they could take a few pages from Soul Calibur and Mass Effect: introduce scars on body parts/faces, physique modding (height and width of character), and face/head dimensioning (depth of cheek bones, pouting lips, etc).
This could also be enhanced with a bonus mod (if you buy a "Gold Edition" pre-release persée) that depending on the role, you may gain a single choice among 3 randomly generated features to add to your character, or 1 extra Ability point to spend to give your starter character an extra boost, upon which the option may still be turned down(?). I suggest this because I've had DM's grant bonuses for an interestingly built character where the player cleverly written something that other people don't use or think about. Ie - Half-Orc Monk (they don't get monk class bonuses really so give them a little something to work with).

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