1. Talking to a Tiefling in the Druid Enclave (the one that Lae'zel forces to bow) there is a mistake in one of the texts:
"Has the tadpole ravaged your senses? It his is suffering that will lead us to purity" -> it should be "It IS HIS..."

2. Dialog with the odds and curios vendor near the same location (the old lady that keeps mentioning how sickly you look) doesn't make sense:
The vendor says "Now, do you need anything? I have a few odds and ends for sale."
The first response doesn't make sense. It is "What harm? Show me your wares."

3. In the Owlbear cave, if you climb up behind the Owlbear, coming from the shrine to Selune, sometimes the characters end up near the ceiling and then drop down, to the ground, which usually results in some falling damage and being prone, right before potentially entering a fight.

4. Speak with dead, coming from the necklace, should only work once before requiring a rest. However it gives the character a re-castable ability, similar to the Warlock's Hex.

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