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Yes, an action. Currently there is no way to scale a shear surface, or even a brick wall that should very much be climb-able.

Of course there isn't, and I would not expect there to be one, because

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I suspect it is a coding/resource thing that makes it impractical to implement.

You also can't swim across the river at the start of the game. Because this is a videogame, not a tabletop game, and there is only so much content which can reasonably go in.

Disagree. The game already has ladders and vines you can climb. All climbing would require is another type of "ladder" (an invisible one) that requires a check to use. Bam! climb implemented. If they can place 80 million containers around everywhere, they can put some invisible ladders on walls to make them scaleable.

Swimming in theory could be similar with an invisible bridge for crossing water using a swim animation. However, I'm less concerned about swimming because the game wasn't designed around swim mechanics. The game WAS designed around verticality, so climbing (and ropes) should have been one of the first things they considered. This is also a VERY reasonable request considering the set up of the game's levels.

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