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full agree with OP, the current movement system is bad for party management.

- if you want to jump across something as a party, need to unlink every character, and let them jump one at a time over, then link them again
- no drag select or click on screen to select characters
- when selecting another character as 'active', the other 3 starts moving around like idiots to position them for following the new active character
- bad pathing...characters on follow that run through surface damage effects while following.

- i miss a system where you can put waypoints for moving your characters around surface effects when in combat -> is that in the game or not? couldn't find anything - if not, it should be added.

while not much can be done about the jumping since the characters cant all stand in the same spot, you realize a simple "chain/unchain all" button would solve most of this pretty well

what do you expect them to do when you choose a character to lead? do you want to command a line of characters from the middle right?

the game isn't done, models cant even move their fingers yet. Divinity 2 had a great pathing system where every character knew to avoid dangers if they could, why wouldnt this one get it too?

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