I may have been unaware if it is in the list, but as of right now, I could not see any mention of this, thus:

As someone who has been on the scene for dungeons and dragons for round about 18 years, since my first copy of the Advanced monster manual from second edition, to my fourth game in 3.5e, to my disastrous first attempt at 5e due to skipping fourth edition in it's entirety, I have always found the Race list to be one of the most interesting, and thought provoking parts of the rules. From aasimar and Tiefling, to Svirfneblin and Half Orc, the idea of playing such a wide variety of races is what appeals to me the most.

Dnd to me has always asked the question of: What if i was "X race" who did "X Class" in a way that no one has done to my knowledge? In 3.5, it was why i played a Tiefling Cleric, an Aasimar necromancer, and a Halfling Barbarian. Because, as I have heard, creativity breeds innovation. I feel that currently, the line up of Rces is a bit small. Granted, i haven't been able to find a list telling me that these are the only ones, or vice versa, but Githyanki, Human, Elf, Half elf, Drow, Dwarf, Halfing and tiefling are not a lot of races. I'd love to see Dragonborn, Warforged, Gnomes, Half-orcs, there's so many races that are just amazing to have in a campaign. Classes too! lot of classes out there get flack for people thinking they are exploitable, but if you don't break a few eggs, you'll never make a cake. Balancing needs unsteadiness to be achieved, and that is not a bad thing to want.

I'm very impressed so far, bugs and slight deviations aside, I'm pretty squarely impressed with the detail and care Larian has taken to re-create this world. And having played the original baldur's gate, and it's sequel, along with icewind dale, and temple of elemental evil, neverwinter nights, and neverwinter nights 2, I'm expecting great things.Divinity was a pretty solid game, gave good memories. i'm expecting the same here.

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