Honestly something Larian should consider is that for Do2 I loved it and supported them without hesitation.

But for this game.
The lack of 6 party members is the deal breaker for me, I probably won't buy the game tbh.

Also to the 4 player people and complainers, you played a 6 man party you guys said earlier and there was no issue, no long battles, it stills requires strategies, it's just as fun if not more. So I don't see any valid arguments besides the whole 4 player has been the norm so breaking thay 4 player norm code for video game is taboo. It's kind of ridiculous how that logic is holding back the 6 men option so much.

If you're an adamant hardcore 4 member party lover. Just play with 4.
People play solo too. No one complains besides those who only think and care about themselves. It's like saying since you're playing your game a certain way. We all have to do it too, because you're special, it's a ridiculous notion.

A lot of valid points has been made for 6 men. While 4 men arguments have all been quite childish and selfish imo.
If not lacking in information.
You guys bring up points that has been rebutted by others and Sven himself sometimes mate.