My main wish:
The ability to raise the camera up. Hate feeling like a hunchback with a broken neck. Also hard to properly scout and make tactical decisions currently

A toggle for attaching the camera to the movement. Too many times I forget to not move character with keys
Faster enemy turns in combat, they take too long deciding what to do
Enemies to attempt to find cover or remove themselves from the area rather than freezing in place if player is hidden.
More loot in less locations. Let us loot once for a group of barrels rather than each one
Better inventory management, if I organise my inventory I would like it to show this at a vendor rather than the current jumble
Would like inventory to not close out after I am done reading something in it
A toggle for auto jump for companions.
Ability to click on portraits for targeted spells, etc
Better pathfinding for companions, if I walk around the puddle of acid I expect them to do the same since they can see where I walk
All XGtE and SCAG stuff

Minor wishes:
More gods for Clerics. Mask and Vhaeraun in particular but I am probably biased
Perhaps a demeanour setting when creating character. Sometimes looking scared or sad in cutscene is immersion breaking
Helmet toggle
More faces, hairs, scars, tattoos