Well to start off, and this may seem unreasonable but this is a Wishlist. Not a I will hate the game if it doesn't have this stuff list.

1)This will really sum it up for me. I just want everything that exists, at the very least in the PhB and in stock 5th edition to be implemented in the game as intended. That's obviously just dependent on waiting through early access.

2) It would be pretty sweet to see races, spells, etc. from some of the expanded books for 5th edition. Like Volo's guide etc. Some of that is already in the game so I'm hopeful they'll go whole hog with all that stuff as well.

3) A larger party I could see being interesting especially for online play. I know at least ten people who would love to run through this game with me all at once and it would be a beautiful horrible cluster fuck. But that's what mods are for. A 6 player party would still be a good base game option, though I see how that could affect balancing encounters properly.

4) Again would be interesting to see a plan all movements then execute simultaneously combat system. But that would have a lot of challenges to iron out and I won't expect it in the base game as Larian has already moved forward their turn base style combat.

5) This one is just a pet peeve for me. Playing through EA I found it quite tedious to have to constantly F1 jump across ledge, move out of the way, F2 jump across ledge, move out of the way etc. If there was a select all function to have all party members jump at once, or a more robust AI pathing to have the AI follow across (when chained) with jumps. at the very least there needs to be a jump hotkey, and please make disengage a separate action.

6) Finally in regards to the story I like a lot of the feedback given in other threads about the pre-made PC's being to edgy and decked out in fantastic armor and not really feeling in the same vulnerable state that our created character is. They all have this air of, pfft I don't need you I am a badass about them. Side note that is actually sometimes true to real life DnD campaigns I just began DMing for a new group and our first session was six people sitting at a table not talking to each other playing separate games until I pulled one aside and pleaded to them to help me coral the chuckle heads and edge lords in the party. Anyway That's not how I envision this opening act playing out when everyone has been abducted and infected and stripped of humanity practically. Funnily enough Astorion despite being the edgy vampire rogue was one of the more likable characters because he talked to you and interacted with you. Versus shadowhearts I'm not telling you anything even though we both have the shared experience of being tadpolled, Or Lea'zel's fuck you I'm in charge and you are a whelp mentality when mechanically I could easily kill either of them one on one. I get that edgy characters and conflict in the party are a big aspect of fun and challenge and I don't want that to go away. I just think maybe the choice to have everyone thrown into this shitty situation would elicit more cooperative response from these characters even if they are normally loners or Alphas.

Just food for thought at the end there. Overall I loved the EA. I'll play through it again before it's updated if I get the time. Even with it's flaws it's the closest thing to virtual DnD besides Roll20 so I'm loving it.