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If you play 3+ multiplayer and recruit the brain and Lae'zel.

Yeah, I've read something of that sort by Shabby.

I'd be interested to see how the CURRENT default UI behave in that case.
Do you have any screens?

[Linked Image]

OK so take that exact screen shot...

Now move the 6 party Character Portraits to the right side of the screen, with a vertical orientation.

Take the game management tabs (the ones currently under the minimap where they are almost too tiny to read), enlarge these and put them on the left side of the screen, again with a vertical orientation.

Now your UI looks roughly like the UI from the first 2 Baldur's Gate games, and players who are familiar with those games will instantly feel more at home.

This opens up the entire length of the screen at the bottom. This could be used to basically double size of the actions bar, the hotbar, and the opportunity bar. You'd also have room then for a dedicated Spell Casting Bar. Right now the Action bar, and hotbar are only 2 rows deep. They could easily be 3 rows deep.

The chat bar, seems to be a low priority in a game where everything is basically voice acted, but in the original games it was at the center of the screen, which gave a kind of primacy to text information being as central to the game as the combat buttons.

This game's UI just isn't taking advantage of the fact that all our monitors are now 16:9. There is plenty of real estate on the screen now for a BG UI organization to still leave a huge field of view, while preserving cohesion with the predecessors. In case anyone forgot, screen used to look like this in 1998...

[Linked Image]

Why do we need to ditch that general organization for the UI so completely?

You could preserve all the same basic functionality we have right now, just try to present it in a way that looks a little bit more like what remember from BG. More fidelity to the other Baldur's Gate games for the UI organization would really have an impact I think, and help to differentiate BG3 from your other DOS titles.

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