Druid Vault

Sorrow - There is inconsistency with the item and the text/voice acting. To my ears, the voice clearly says "dagger", but the text (and item) is a glaive.

Door to Nettie/main area - This normally 'unopenable' door shows as closed when coming back up the stairs from the vault, but it is possible to simply walk through. Additionally, the stone door between Nettie and the main area is closed. When clicking to open, my character walked through it to open from the other side. A bit awkward. smile

Zhent Hideout Items

1) The True and Impossible Adventures of Tenebruk Morrow, Vol. 4 - nothing is actually written in this book. It has a placeholder only (either a hyphen - or underscore _).

2) |Basic Drink| - It's literally a drink that has "[Basic Drink]" in the description.

Found both of these in the area behind the leader.

Other Items, statuses, etc.

Bloodstone doesn't have an image

Our Mind doesn't have an image

Ball doesn't have an image

Sitting doesn't have an image

Luring Song doesn't have an image. Additionally, characters are unable to act, despite making multiple saving throws.

Selune's Dream doesn't have an image. This is a cantrip on the Amulet of Selune's Chosen.

|Sacrifice to Loviatar| doesn't have an image or description - this is part of the Ritual Dagger obtained (*cough*stolen) from the sadistic zealot in the goblin castle and is indicated as being a bonus action.

Potion of Superior Healing - One of them has the same image as a normal Potion of Healing. Unfortunately, I am not sure where this was picked up, as my hubby didn't tell me and I'm just now going through his inventory.

Small Potion Bottle - There is one that has the same image as a regular healing potion. Again, not sure where it came from due to going through hubby's inventory.

keeps approving or disapproving of things even after he is dead.