As I've been playing, a few more things have come to me.

Bartering: This is a homebrew rule, but I have a feeling it's not only at my table. Every player wants to get a deal or convince a merchant their item is more valuable. Giving the ability to roll Deception or Persuasion when speaking to a merchant would be a nice addition. It might be a good idea to restrict it to a single item, and bulk purchases (for example, if you're buying out their entire stock of 6 or more of a particular potion).

Inventory Management: Currently, inventory management takes up a lot of time. It would be helpful if junk items were automatically tagged as wares. And speaking of wares, adding things to wares should be easier. It would be helpful if there was an "Add to Wares" button you could click so that you could just select items, rather than having to right click each one individually. This would make inventory management much quicker.

Item Value Disconnect: The value of items when you're buying and selling don't correspond with the tooltips. You can count on a significant markdown for anything you're selling, and a significant markup for anything you're purchasing. The tooltip should correspond with the actual price.

Selling Wares: A bulk "Sell All Wares" button should be available in the barter screen, like Skyrim's "Sell All Junk". Again, this would help speed things up so you can get back to the game.

Voice Acting: If Minsc and Boo show up (I believe they're canonically still alive as of a Storm King's Thunder tie-in comic run), Boo should be voice acted by Matthew Mercer (as he was in a D&D Live 2019 game).


Item Rarity: Currently, potions don't have a rarity attached to them. This would help to determine their value and... well... rarity.

Item Values: According to the Basic Rules (I couldn't find it in the DMG or PHB), art objects, gems, and trade goods always sell for their full value. Equipment sells for 50% value. Magic items follow the rules set out below. It may be too much behind the scenes dice rolling to use the Xanathar rules. But, if it's possible, it would give more variation, and sometimes great deals or total rip-offs.

Magic Item Cost: Magic items don't always seem to have the appropriate values associated with them. Common items, like particular potions, should only cost between 50 and 100 gp (with potions of healing specifically listed as 50 gp in the PHB). Uncommon, like the +1 weapons should be between 101 and 500 gp. Rare are 501 to 5,000, very rare are 5,001 to 50,000, and legendary are 50,001+ gp. Xanathar's Guide gives further specifications (under Downtime Activities in Chapter 2, and Variant Rules in Appendix A) for item rarity (Downtime) and some particular potions and levels of spell scrolls (Variant).

Pillars of Play: I believe this has been mentioned, but XP should be awarded for all three pillars of play. Not just combat, but also exploration and social. Talking your way out of a combat encounter should be an option in some cases, and reward XP as though you'd killed all of the enemies. Bartering (my point above) shouldn't reward XP - it's not "you get XP any time you roll the dice" - but if you successfully talk Kagha down from killing/imprisoning the little girl (as an example which I've yet to accomplish), there should be a reward.

Verticality: Verticality has been touted as one of the big things about this. I know we're early on, but there should be better ways to use it. A distance when jumping down to a lower elevation, so you know if you're likely to take damage or if it's going to be no problem, would be immensely helpful. Also, climbing, ropes, and the climber's kit should be added/implemented. A difficult climb may require an Athletics check, which could be negated if you have the climber's kit.

Edit: I have set up a separate post for discussion on these and other feedback/suggestions I have here.

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