So I ran across a level 4 Spectator. CR3 Spectator is 39 hp, but this was 89hp. I mean we won with a party of 4 3rd level players, but such a fight CR3 is not supposed to cripple 3/4 of the party and drain all our spells in one fight.

Goblin camp fight: Way too many barrels to explode. I am finding these fights all winnable but barely. I end these fights with 3 characters at 1HP because they went down during the fight each time, and all my spells drained (Mostly heals to keep people alive) This triggers way too many long rests.

As a DM we are supposed to make it such that players need 2-3 short rests and 1 long rest at most each 4 hour adventure. I'm playing 1 short rest, 1 long rest after 1 hour.

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