Baldurs Gate Soul

The game definitely has a D&D core in it and has lots of potential.

My only major feedback would be (and this is not a post to create another BG2), but that the game still needs its own unique Baldurs Gate 'soul' which affects every part of the game. At the moment unfortunately, because of how much was used from the DOS games (items, UI, placeholders, some music and audio, use of environments (exploding surfaces everywhere), certain character traits etc.) it feels a bit too much for me like a DOS game with Baldurs Gate trying to find itself inside of it. My suggestion would be to find the 'essence' of the Baldurs Gate soul that you want to game to have and work it into each area of the game, so that it ends up feeling like a unique IP and not like DOS IP with BG trying to find itself in it. I would really like to see this affect the UI (give it that more classical old school design), the dialog (much more dialog and richness there so that the game has lots of depth, and old school dialog boxes instead of white text), characters (unique and rich characters), d&d party comradery, less over the top environmental effects (not having surfaces everywhere), the music (its own unique feel and theme)

Otherwise its looking great.

Thanks for listening.