Owlbear's nest is bugged beyond any sense (version ) Although it was my first visit there (and already after killing goblin leaders), so it might be not new, but here it goes:
- (Astarion as a leading character, separated from the party) after looting the magical chest and climbing the wall leading to the owlbear (furthest from the entrance, that is) climbs into the air instead of ground, then falls and receives fall damage.
- Astarion as a led character does not follow the party across the stream towards the owlbear, but climbs the aforementioned wall, picks a fight with the owlbear (by himself, ruining all my plans), then falls, etc... see p.1
-After looting the chest (as Astarion, at least) and rejoining the party at the top (near the entrance), I've got a constant bug of "unable to save while in a cutscene" (or smth. to that effect), although I was most definitely not engaged in any dialogues and cutscenes. It also prevented autosaves from happening. And did not change after starting a fight with the owlbear, winning it, exiting the cave, speaking to all of the party members, returning to camp, having a cutscene there, sleeping, and returning back from camp. In short, I've lost an hour of an unsaved game and had to replay.

Not pertaining to the Owlbear's nest, general stuff:
-Is a "jump" action really supposed to be that useless or is it a bug? it only works in very few (selected?) places, everywhere is "too high" or "not enough space", even when it is inside the spell range and the whole circle fits there perfectly, I still get those.
-Wyll, after being cured of sleep effect, and not having any active status effects, is given his turns, but is unable to move or act in any way, despite having a full movement bar and free action and additional action. (All spells, actions, etc. are greyed out. The movement bar is full. But he is totally inoperable)