30 hours in a game:
- Please, give more traders! At least whatever travelling merchant who will visit my camp randomly on a long rest! I have killed druids(technically, it was a self-defense), put all the goblins to knife(sorry, there can be no witnesses of a drow killing drow). Druid camp is empty, goblin camp is empty, cocky green guys left, guys with burning house left, refugees from druids camp left....only the ogres in the village and a crazy hag in the swamp are left to entertain me, and no one wants to buy my stuff!
- I can mark stuff as wares, but can't offer all wares
- I expected a 1000hp ogre with "Ze Finah Bozz" name at the Mountain Pass and other end-of-early-access-content spots. Or a Magick Cock. Or a talking rat. Or literally whatever fun thing! I love the idea of REALLY tough enemy so we can entertain ourselves while waiting for Act 2 to come. And maybe earn an achievement for killing it?
- Inside a goblin fortress I managed to get into a fight with Absolute's Commander(whatever tough red guy in a throne room) when I was inside the prison with spiders, 2 floors below them. That was not fun at all.
- The black warlock guy is too cocky. I understand that rogue elf kinda have to be edgy, but 2 companions who smell their own farts is kinda too much.
- Super-duper forbidden necromancy book that asks for 2 impossible skillchecks and rewards you with a "Speak with the dead" spell that you already have is the worst. I had to kill a giant spider for this thing, come on!
- 6 man party is a GARBAGE idea. The game is meant to beaten at least 2 times.

In general, with all the animation bugs and rare UI crashes, I am pissing myself in excitement. The game is super cool.
Only one thing bothers me.
I love to kill folks, steal their stuff, and sell it for fancy swords.
Give. More. Traders!

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