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From my perspective the only bully in this thread is you. He made a simple sarcastic comment and you tried equating it to the level of domestic violence. If you feel that one sarcastic word is that over the top imagine how others look at your follow up posts.

And I agree, keep it to one thread. Or are you ok with a new post every time this person beats the previous record by 1.33 seconds? Posting in the same thread still bumps it to the top, no reason to clutter up the boards with multiple posts.

You missed the point of that information.

Frequently, jerks say 'they were asking for it' as a way to shift the blame off their own deplorable actions and instead try to convince people their target deserved to be hit, insulted, or whatever.
These people will tear down an accomplishment or throw a punch and then say 'It's not MY fault! He was asking for it!' and 100% believe they are being the 'nice guy' while acting like a jerk.

I don't stand for that. If speedruns don't impress someone, then they should not read a thread about a speedrun.
Instead of, you know, making a snide comment meant to tear down the OP's accomplishment.

So if you think I'm the ONLY bully here, you may want to reread the other dude's reaction. It had no purpose other than to be snide and condescending.