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Players who chose the evil path of the first act
(which ended with sex with Mintara)

What do you think of this gorgeous Drow?
Would you like such an evil companion, full disclosure of the character, the continuation of the romance Mintara and protagonist in the release?

Did she remind you of Viconia? (if you played the Baldurs Gate 2)

[Linked Image]

She didn't talk much before I killed her. Her design isn't impressive and doesn't show she is a priestess of Lolth (no spider emblem, armor is generic). Her text is generic as well, basically order you to kill the groves. Doesn't give you a reason, doesn't promise you a reward.

Would like a lot more developpement on this character, as she is kinda the final boss of the first part of act1 . Or one possible final boss.

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