Not about companions and them being evil/neutral/evengood

Much like if you run through the evil threads. Yes I'm posting in another one. lol Orbax beware!! Is that each one is a certain kind of evil, not just main brand run of the mill goblin evil.

They are thinking creatures each with their own brand of evil. They each get their jollies off on certain things, Asterion enjoys straight up evil, and hates when you do something stupid for the larger part. Lae'zel enjoys it when you submit people, and hates it when your soft. Gale is all about himself and knowledge at any cost, Shadowheart is self centered you want help you pay me, and also about avoiding fights. Wyll I've not much read on him really I don't play with him very often, so I can't make an informed decision.

I kinda want a picture of Orbax in their N7 hoodie, and dressed up as Darth Maul, while wiping Salsa Verde Tostitos Rounds off the hoodie. Need something to scare the kids on halloween.

Anyway back to the topic at hand. The no rolling etc. This has to do with fact they can feel the absolutes presence in you, they think you are one of them, (incidentally this needs some fleshing out in some ways. but not main focus for me) this changes to me far to rapidly. They go from your one of us, to I'm going to kill you. (Yes I can see Drow and Goblins doing this, it's their nature. okay you served you purpose your no longer useful or your now a threat because I seen how powerful you are.) I like the idea of side quests, for each of them, yet by that standard is time. The posts about lack of urgency (because uggg, don't get me started) why your going to kill a spider, etc are many. (seriously people interact with others, pay attention Larian didn't break you you should be able to afford to at least pay half attention) So if you implement side quests there is going to be more people jumping on the this doesn't make sense you gotta run to save yourself.

Evil overall (a partially informed decision so I'll stick with what I know) Evil by nature of being evil, is in a state of flux. Your allies are also your enemies, they get stronger then you they become more of a threat. So by nature it's not very rewarding in terms of gold, items gifted etc. Good by nature is helpful, people want you to get stronger, so you can help them more. That makes more often then not playing Evil harder, it's not the sugar coated, everythings handed to you path. It's the take what you want, do what you want, harder path. It takes commitment, and can be self rewarding. It's why I can see what happens making sense, they think your a pisson, and then realize your not. So you go from a tool to be used, to a threat. One of those threats is the tadpole in your head. Mind Flayers are powerful creatures not to be trifled with idly. So if you know about the tadpole and what it can do, I see it being a cause to exterminate you.

Yet on the other hand if they don't know for certain what it can do. For instance Nettie trying to kill you, how did she learn of it, through Halsin? How does a goblin learn of what is going to happen to you? Drow I can see more often they are more familair with Illithid then not, yet still beggars the question. (Answers may be further in the story, I'm unsure) I've always looked at the interacting I do with the npc's as a way to gain intel. No I don't talk to everyone, just those that seem important. Traders, Leaders, Healers, Scouts, these people may have information that I need. Be it about current affairs, the area, pretty much the who, what, where, why of it all. I seem to be alone in this. I also pick up things I shouldn't, sneak/peek at note laying on table, journals, etc. Why because it gives me more intel. I talk to my companions to prod them for information, and figure out there secrets, what makes them tick. This way I (and my character) can figure out if they really want these people around, and how best to manipulate them.

I'm evil it's what I do by learning about the area I can make informed decisions about who to join up with. Goblins and their leaders seem to be the more solid force in the area, druids seem to be desperate. I talk to gather information there are several in the druids grove that want Halsin back, and disagree with Kagha. So maybe I should side with Kagha, or the Goblins. One can give me maybe access to the grove, I have several possible ins with her. Rat out those that don't like her in charge, help her by getting rid of the refugees, and possibly others. Help the goblins who have superior numbers, and supposedly people like me. (already posted more about this in other threads so will stop here)

Yet all this doesn't really matter they are just side quests, that you learn about, as you discover none of these people can help you A. rid yourself of the worm. B. show you how to use it more effectively. C. gain greater power for yourself. You discover that on your own, by doing, and as an Evil character you shouldn't be relying upon others, it forms a crutch, one that can be used against you, by either good, or evil people. It seems though many want that crutch, they want things showered upon them, without learning about it on their own. I personally would have fun with you all, I'd give you little gifts to keep you following me. I'd toy with you, make you do what I want because you want those rewards. I'd dangle the chance to be rid of the tadpole in front of your faces, so you go put your lives on the line for me, over and over again. I'd give you information (more then likely false), I'd give you gifts (more then likely a trap) and when I'm done with you, I'd lock you up to let others Play with you, or if you found a way to become a threat I'd kill you by using one of those traps I had in place, and your wearing.

In summary. I like side quests from a side quest they are fun. Yet I think you all are to relaint on crutches, that you aren't seeing how at times boring, dull, yet ingenious at other times the evil campaign can be.