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I've got a constant bug of "unable to save while in a cutscene" (or smth. to that effect), although I was most definitely not engaged in any dialogues and cutscenes. It also prevented autosaves from happening. And did not change after starting a fight with the owlbear, winning it, exiting the cave, speaking to all of the party members, returning to camp, having a cutscene there, sleeping, and returning back from camp. In short, I've lost an hour of an unsaved game and had to replay.

Oh! I got something like that, but after the fight with the goblins next to the windmill. I too had to restart game and replay what I lost. There I thought it was because I killed main goblin with fall damage and he still had his yellow marker "aggresive goblins" on the map (hope it is like that in english). So it might be something else.

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So I ran across a level 4 Spectator. CR3 Spectator is 39 hp, but this was 89hp. I mean we won with a party of 4 3rd level players, but such a fight CR3 is not supposed to cripple 3/4 of the party and drain all our spells in one fight.

Goblin camp fight: Way too many barrels to explode. I am finding these fights all winnable but barely. I end these fights with 3 characters at 1HP because they went down during the fight each time, and all my spells drained (Mostly heals to keep people alive) This triggers way too many long rests.

As a DM we are supposed to make it such that players need 2-3 short rests and 1 long rest at most each 4 hour adventure. I'm playing 1 short rest, 1 long rest after 1 hour.

I have to strongly disagree. This game have tons of ways for players to be creative and deal with such problems. In goblin camp there are spiders to help your party if you can convince them. There is a way to sneak arround everywhere. There are enviromental hazards to create and use to your advantage. Throw objects, push enemies into dangerous places... Just waiting to be used. Plus for now there are no difficulty levels.