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and makes playing an Origin almost mandatory to get a full story experience out of the game since custom PCs have no content.

People keep saying this but I honestly don't care that much about playing these origin stories.
HAving these characters in party and witnessing their questline? Great. Playing in their role? I don't care. I'd gladly give up on having all these "Origins" playable if it just meant having A LOT more companions.

A party size of 4 means only 3 characters that have stories unless you play an Origin, then you get 4 characters with a story. That's 25% more story content on a playthrough.

The whole line about custom PCs making their own story is just PR speak, because you also do that same thing if you play an Origin. I'll likely play a custom PC 100% of the time, so being restricted to only 3 companions is very punishing for a story based game.