Lets assume that siding with the absolute is a viable path and minthara becomes a companion
what about the other companions?
Lae'zel would rather jump into a blade than become allied with the Gaikh. I see no direct replacement
Shadowheart deeply regrets the events at the druid grove. She may contemplate leaving. She is selfish but does not revel in violence the way astarion or minthara do.
Wyll leaves
Gale might be convinced to stay by the promise to solve his problem (Having access to planeshifting the Mindflayers could bring him to the astral plane and solve his explosive isssue)
Astarion would like to stay free from his master and roam the world at night and day. The absolute seems to be a good deal for him

I don't remember the book from the ruins. Did it include likely options for the identity of the new god?

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