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It could be that they did not have enough time to include all the content for the absolute side. Some things are broken.
The absolute wants the crash survivors dead. The player was not supposed to be a true soul.

The mindflayer revealed:
"curved drow blades, crude goblin torches, gnoll teeth dripping blood
You see other mindflayers arranged in a seren circle. Absolute unity. Absolute power"
I am not sure whether or not the vision for the githyanki chase was a memory of the distant past or something that could happen. The Gith once fought the mindflayers and they had lots of nautiloids back then. But if the Gith hunted the nautiloid because they know that something like it is about to happen again then the mindflayers posess a fleet of ships once more.

Asking about the chase it did kind of feel like a "Those fkers always chase us amirite" moment than anything specific.

You ask about the thing Shadowheart has (the weapon), and it smells of brimstone and flesh. Lending weight to my theory that its an infernal puzzle box with some crazy contract in it.

When you ask if more of the illithid around it just has images of nautiloids coming from the deep space between crystal spheres a la reaper invasion. The people on the ground were supposed to have been converted like the woman was in the ship (if you pushed the button). When you ask why you were abducted it imagined empty pods, needing more bodies in them. I think theyre going for as many as possible, but I get the sense they are to be conditioned and turned and not necessarily just put back into the population. If youre marked its because you escaped. Id imagine going back to the fold would be more than ok with them.


Eddiar - perfect word. PERFECT. Evil is psychotic in this as it stands. Through and through.

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