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I think they said its going to be 11 now, which is a Tier 3 character. That is a perfect place to end until DLC or expansion. 3 hit dice for each cantrip, 3 attacks for fighters. Level 6 spells for most spell casters.

This "tiers" of characters in 5e is nonsensical. I mean, a lv 17 guy in the city of liches on one of the deepest layer of the abyss can be the weakest non slave caster of the entire city, not even an "local hero", but 5e cosnider him a "hero of the world". An Lich can't be a trouble to a simple village. He needs to put the entire world at peril. That is far more limiting than helping DM's to prepare adventures.

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BG1/2, why in god's name would we start at anything but level 1?

Cuz lv 1 is too boring. NWN1 and 2 had you starting on 3 after the tutorial...

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There are only 2 9th level spells I can see being difficult to implement, astral projection and wish.

BG2 did a wish list.

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