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Others have suggested that activating stealth whilst chained should activate it for everyone chained. That sounds like a sensible idea. It’s effectively how it would work by multi selecting too, so if there’s any issues with that, it would be the same issues as with what you propose.

It may be situationally an improvement, and still garbage in case where you don't want to. Especially given that when chained people are put in stealth they start (once again) to follow the lead, which may not necessarily be what you want at any given moment.
In the end we are back at the usual point that you can either suffer to the inadequacies of the system or circumvent them with incredibly laborious and boring workarounds that in literally NO scenario match in comfort and practicality other control schemes more traditional.
What's best (or worst) is that even if some fringe soul here and there may ACTUALLY be a fan of the auto-follow system, you could still have it as an option on top of a "RTS-like" control.
"Do you hate convenience, precision and practicality in your control scheme? Toggle this little auto-follow button on the UI and you'll have to move just one character like in diablo, with all the other idiots just following you like sheep". There, Everyone happy, even masochists and controller fetishists.

If the characters are stumbing “like drunken idiots” then it’s probably because they are trying to arrange themselves without clipping through each other

Yeah, well, aside for the fact that they do it every time you rotate the man in control even in the middle of a perfectly flat square, here's the thing: "please just don't", really. Just give me direct control and stay where I put you. I know you guys are trying to help but you aren't clearly good enough at this.

The fact that one character gets ahead before anyone else starts moving seems to be more about how the pathfinding works through the 3D world than the user interface.
Not really. Not to mention we have more modern examples than BG1 among modern 3D games.

And maybe those games handle the movement better.

Aaaand that's precisely what we are trying to argue in favor of even here. Because we want a game with better controls. Because it would make the experience better for everyone. Even in face of your useful attitude "No, guys, it may be difficult, let's not even try".

As far as I’m aware, Larian’s games are the only RPGs where any party member can talk to NPCs.

Your awareness is lacking. Even in BG party members could start the conversation in place of the PG. It usually made little difference except when you wanted to make use of some more favorable charisma bonus or so, since the games were not sophisticated enough to have dialogues addressing the NPC like a different character. In games like IWD or ToEE the concept of "main character" doesn't even make much sense.

Seriously? The example I gave was for literally every time you spilt the party and want to move more than one character together. I do it all the time. Don't you ever split your parties? OK, when you send a rouge to scout ahead, when you need to split them to solve a puzzle.

I had to do to, because I was forced to work with what I had. At no moment using these controls I've ever found myself thinking "Woah, this is such a nice improvement over being able to quickly give a destination to everyone (even in, hear this, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS!) with a couple of well targeted clicks".

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