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@mozhad I love the idea of making the goblin camp YOUR camp. You start the game camping in the woods. When youre with druids it is a little area next to it thats all druid-y. If you change allegiances it says "Taking this path will move your camp to the goblin fort and you will no longer be able to visit the grove as a friend. Continue?"

Right now the Evil side for this is like...a 2/10. If you could make the Goblin Camp your camp, it would be a 4/10. Because right now, the Goblins want to kill you EVEN if you side with them which is just....insane. Like...why? I don't get how this was a good or even a decent writing decision. Hell you could make it like the Ogres where you get a horn and you can call upon them a couple of times as a bonus to make you want to choose that path. Obv there would have to be some sort of cost to balance it out, but its...something?

And another thing what Mozhad said. These...evil companions aren't really....fully evil? All but Astarion approved of me wanting to kill the refugees lol. So even more punishing for the player. In the end Wyll left, which im fine with because consequences are good, but i don't even get a replacement. I half expected Minthara to join but she was like "we banged, peace out now and oh dont go back cuz goblins will kill you, lol". Nice, thanks game.