Tiefling Tails: my poor tail goes crazy much like the corpses do, with the fortunate exception that it remains attached to my body.
After Gale fessed up (the night after the night of the party), I can give him the staff of crones to 'consume' and he goes through all the theatrics, but the staff remains in my inventory.
The Blade of Frontier's Eye weighs one pound. Yikes. Also, shouldn't he treat it like Astarion treats the book you give him? Hold on to it and refuse to trade it to others? Its his own eye! Instead, if you remove him from the party magic pockets takes it from him and gives it to the PC.
Scrolls of Ray of Enfeeblement, Thunderwave, Blindness, Mirror Image all are treated as 'Misc' rather than 'Magic' and have very low values (1 to 2 gp).

Goblin camp
Volo: I can go through his conversations, and the goblin tries to lead him back to his cage. However, being the jerk that I am I killed all the goblins in a misguided attempt at saving Volo. This causes Volo to simply disappear sometime during the fight and
not show up in his cage later. He does end up at your camp for the party of course, can't miss the party.

Arcane Tower (Underdark)
There is a button near the pet bed / area. If you attempt to use it, your character will go down one level and use it there instead.
Talking with Bernard multiple times seems to guarantee a fight, as you can not repeat the correct pass phrases. Also, his lightning aura is an party kill waiting to happen. If caught unaware (ie the first time I fought him) it was a TPK, even attempting to quaff my limited supply of resistance potions.
Descending to the basement causes half the party to get stuck in the ground, quite regularly. Clever use of unchaining and going up and down can free them.
You can not use right click - equip on Mystra's boots. They can still be dragged to the appropriate slot to equip them however. They do provide feather fall as an ability, but the description they have makes no mention of that.
The potion of flight does not actually let you fly. This was anticlimactic to say the least. (I was trying to use it to get up the cliff with the illusionary mushroom shelves)