@orbax, and armoredhedgehog

Nah the book didn't specify, again this is my horrid 'head canon' yet we don't know, probably not a way to find out until later on, maybe even in another act. yet it's just a bit of lore I've picked up, the link is that Jergal himself is a forgotten god for the most part. Then there is his cleric that comes to join your camp. Bits of conversations here and there, which of course adjusts my head canon.

Beholder seems a likely scenerio as well they have been known to do similair things. Though what if the Absolute is actually an elder brain gone mad? I mean the tadpoles are from Illithid. Then there is the conversation with Us on the ship where he says they are fleeing a great evil. Maybe something from another plane? The Far realm?

There are so many hints, and drops, and nothing really concrete, and I for one haven't explored all of them. Just now finally moving out of the druids grove, and surrounding areas to the blighted village, then goblin camp. 60+ hours and lots of characters that I'm slowly no lifeing it through. Then again it's the first act and in the grand scope of things we are pissons

I'll have to play through some more, to see further things I find. Atm currently dealing with Guts stupid combat, though may skip it just for the moment. Got what I need from her the mark, then explore the options with the other 2. With my evil characters, or with just one, then see what happens with my good character. Sadly I don't have that damn ogre horn yet.