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Yeah its the first word that came to me.

Its like Larian thought the people that like playing evil do it for the pleasure of it.
The only type of person this might appeal to is someone that likes hurting others just for the sake of it rather than some other ultarior motive.

And most of the time going evil involves MORE work... so why would I do something more difficult for little to no reward? Not to mention storywise things would be limiting. If I kill the Tieflings I won't see them when I reach Baldur's gate! I can't take advantage of all the advantages they could offer me.

So why should I be evil again?
Maybe I should be allowed to enslave the Tieflings and get the advantages through slavery instead of friendship.

Mol is setting up a thieve's guild right? So what if I become the big boss and if Mol doesn't behave then I threaten to kill his friends.

This is the perfect balance of being evil I think.
Even Anakin killing younglings did it because he thought it was for the greater good.

And even then, Anakin was a mindless tool at that point being puppeted by the real evil - palpatine. Who was smart as sheeeeit and was grand master chess moving things all across the systems. Anakin technically never really WENT evil. He was a thrall. Later, he mastered enough of the force to have sanity (surprising considering what happened to his body and mind) and never rebelled because he knew the emperor could destroy him and any plans he had would get his mind read. He was trapped.

I said it earlier - a smart, beholden to none, individual making the decisions that would most selfishly benefit them would help the refugees, the kids, and break the druids from the shadow grasp. You have allies. Lots of them. In lots of places now. Networks matter and theres a lot of knowledge and power in those pools and they'll never know that youre banging minthara on a blood soaked altar after you shake hands with them and say have a good one, Ill see you around. I have gained nothing from being evil - less than nothing mainly because you get good stuff from quest turn-ins. I keep trying to remember how i got some sweet items that I did in the other play through and im like...shoot was that from a quest?

A quick ask, did Palpatine keep the good people around, aka the jedi? Which if you keep the grove alive is just the same as him keeping the jedi around? And Anakin was looking for the quick route the reward route which Palpatine offered him.

Also he used greedy factions to further his plans, played one side against the other, killed anyone that got in his way either himself, or others. None of what Palpatine did was the quick route, the easy route. The one that gave him the most rewards. Then there is the fact that Palpatine was not any where near lvl 1 when things went down. At level one he was serving a master that offered little in the way of rewards, other then him getting stronger. It wasn't until he was strong enough that he struck his master down, and started getting rewarded. Which again wasn't at level 4.

You siiiiir need to stop quoting Palpatine!! and remember your only level 1 - 4! Not 10 - 15! Anyway back to my gaming, have fun.