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To add to the empty containers, one of the things that is frustrating is that not only are they empty but they also have loot that has no purpose, like loads of plates and utensils. I feel like every time I open up a container to find those items I want to scream...LOL. I also want to add in regards to food, I feel like a lot of the food we get don't give us enough health back and it's limited to one action point. Especially if you are fighting really hard bad buys, having the food give you at least 25% of your health back would be helpful.

There should be some type of icon to indicate what is empty or not. The amount of useless junk is also quite annoying. Some of which could have cool functions like rope being used to rappel. As for food: I think it'd be better if food provided massive HP restoration like you mentioned (25-50%), but could only be used outside of combat since it makes no sense to stop and eat an apple in the midst of a fight, while a potion is easily chugged down for quick health in battle.

Edit to add separate complaint: Romance, friendship and relationships. My female companions seem to hate me and everything I do, while the males are all fine with everything (even Astarian despite occasional disapproval seems friendly). I'm unsure if Shadowheart is bugged or if it's just so poorly written, but my approval with her is maxed out, she seemed to dislike me up until her Shar marking at the shrine where she turns a corner and appears to like my PC, but despite this and approving of dialogue options she still makes the comment, "You're not the company I'd keep". Fast forward to the celebration and she's asking me to drink with her and spend the night, all of a sudden she likes my PC again and says something along the lines of "Why didn't you say so sooner" or something, kisses the PC and then the next day says "Uhh, don't remind me. A mistake I won't make again" despite nothing else being done and max approval.

I dunno if she's just that poorly written right now, or if it's completely bugged or something. I sincerely hope the final game doesn't have her being hot and cold to such inane degrees. Thus far male companions seem spot on for what they are, the females are just in a terrible spot and I'm not sure if it's intentional or if it's because it's in such a mix of development. I have a feeling that the reason we see such a big jump in relationship dialogue is because it's missing a lot of content and the middle of the relationship building. I'm assuming the first act is actually much bigger than we're seeing.

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