I think we're way too shoehorned into good path.

There certainly need to be more incentives and quests that offer you alternative evil path. We're literally shoved into druid grove forcefully, unless you pick some unnatural and borderline mentally unstable choices. There's just no pragmatic evil path there, no decent agent of evil to entice you and lead you to the evil path with apparent benefits, power and status, without being a cultist looney that seems to be all over the place.

After druid grove we encounter this dying dwarf and disciples of Absolute, that's good, but it's not Druid Grove magnitude of good. There needs to be more, these guys should lead you to some "League of Evil" outpost somewhere midway to temple, where they can intro you to a bunch of characters evil side and charismatic characters at that - maybe some evil bard to mirror that great tiefling bard and a some fighters and such who are not just your hurr durr goblins, but maybe drow/human/etc that might be disciples of Absolute, but not batshit insane about it.

That fallen Paladin of Tyr is a great example of ultimately bad apple that you can reason with. I am sure there are more with Absolute side that are not just "hurr durr we love killing and flaying, praise our holy god!", but are more of - it's a good business or smarter to be on a winning side kind of guys that you can find common ground with. Have these characters be charismatic in their own way, so you might actually want to continue with them, even if it's under banner of some fake god and with goblins and murdehobos galore.