It goes both ways, having more allows more strategic thinking as well, you're not limited to having a core set of the same group that most other have, just hop onto YouTube, most people have the same exact setup more or less, there's more possibilities in a fight with more characters tbh. And a lot of what you said has been refuted by others already too. I'm not going to spend time going into it, but it goes back to the fact that having 6 members isn't an issue and people have the freedom to choose what they want. Just find those responses and rebutt them if you're very adamant about how you want us to play.

What you really are saying is that, you like it a certain way, and you want us to play that way only. Which is ironically kinda selfish. Let people play how they want. If you like less, go for less.

There's ways to make players struggle besides what you've mentioned too. Ways to make the game funner, but that's more personal preference.

Larian is cool enough to give options, there's those who plays solo too, and we don't see them complaining, nor are we hearing them force us to play with only a single character.

People seem to keep thinking this game is DoS.

Edit: JRPG is JRPG, totally different bro.
Some is good, some isn't.

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