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Right now its the joker pulling up in an onfire trashcan on wheels saying "wanna hop in?!"

Why would you not hop in??? thats a sweet ride.

Still that is how it's feeling every little thing we are doing is playing into a bigger machine. Even using tadpole, or not using it, siding with the grove, siding with goblins. going after the hag, it's all lil cogs in the deathstar... (eh not my best, but I'm doing alot of eyerolling over other stuff.) The deathstar itself being made up of everything we do, which leads to us being good, evil, neutral, or even mindflayer. Which I rather enjoy what they are doing with the last one, well all of it really.

In all honesty, if they did something that blatant id be so damn intrigued id hop in immediately to see where it was going. I might not get anything, Ill probably die, but its gonna be crazy. Id take preposterous over pedestrian any day. This...if I hadnt gotten some rad video game sex, Id probably have reloaded the game back to the decision point save I made.

I don't have much more to say on the subject. Ill invoke Godwin's Law and say if the writing team couldn't make Hitler an appealing choice, then don't say youre taking it seriously.

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