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I concur with the original post. Party movement is extremely cumbersome and/or aggravating. Solasta is also about to come out in early access (OCT 20), even in their pre-alpha demo from a year ago, they had party movement done very well.

I am not going to revisit all the reasons for why Larian's party control scheme is terrible, a hundred posts before me already have. If a game currently being developed by an indie team of 17 people can get this right, why is this AAA title sucking the fun out of my gameplay with a terrible implementation?

That's the $64k question. CRPGs figured this out far better 20 years ago and then kept using Baldur's Gate style controls in nearly every game in the genre since then. WHY does Baldur's Gate 3, in 2020, control so much worse than Baldur's Gate 1 in 1998?