Two more, as one getting ready to go to bed:

- Marching Order: We should be able to set a marching order. As everyone knows, wizards and squishy characters in the back, barbarians/fighters/paladins at the front. As it is, anytime I click to move, Gale books it in front of everyone, and the group stops in a + no matter what.
- Tools: More tools/kits should be added (I know it’s early days). Characters without proficiency with those tools/kits shouldn’t be able to use them. Or, at the very least, give them disadvantage. Thieves’ tools have already been discussed, I believe.
- Trap Disarm Kit: This doesn’t appear to do anything. Right-clicking a discovered trap doesn’t give an option to disarm like doors with thieves’ tools. Additionally, rules as written, both lockpicking and trap disarming use thieves’ tools.
- Trap Disarming: Some (not all) traps should have the option to disarm in different ways. Strength, Intelligence, or Wisdom check.
- Traps: It’s been mentioned before, but pausing (going into turn-based mode) or stopping the party when a trap is discovered should be a default thing.

Edit: I have set up a separate post for discussion on these and other feedback/suggestions I have here.

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