Personalty I am not a D&D fan but a Baldurs gate games fan first.

I cant remember but were people complaining that much when BG1 and BG2 came out for not being close enough to Av.2nd edition?? Right now 5e D&D lovers are just ripping the game apart for not having this and that system...For myself Im complaining that its not close enough to that BG2 experience...: Some form of active combat, day/night cycles and its effects on the world, tons of party banters/interactions with many party members including a multitude of dialogue choices, interesting quests/sidequests also tied to a multitude of NPCs that can join the party...

I feel that these "cinematic dialogues" is hindering so much the game (not the cinematic cutscenes which look great) There could of been so much more interesting joinable characters and dialogues if it wasn't for those SLOW "cringy", awkward animated dialogues. Responses MUST usually be short and fit that cinematic style...very very different from the book like feel of BG2. You gota read, and thats the problem nowdays. These cinematics will NOT age well.

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