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True Resurrection (how would you make it worth casting over regular Resurrection); But honestly, most of the harder spells to implement I think are actually level 6-8 (not level 9).

True resurrection can bring you back from deaths revivify cant. Like having your head chopped off. All you need is a tiny piece of some one with true res. OR like it already does, it just gives you full HP on casting.

Again, there are about 50+ spells and I see only about 4? maybe 5? That would be difficult to implement, and as some one already pointed out, there are option like with wish.
I am sorry, and I truly mean no offence by this, but you dont seem to have knowledge of what you are talking about.

They have successfully implemented spells in other games, Icewind Dale series, NWN series, BG series ect ect and I STILL can not see ANY reason they can not do it here.