Continuing here, I was recommend separating out Content (gameplay guides, guides to certain classes, speed running guides, etc) into its own forum and Feedback/Bug compilation lists into their own forum.

The two subjects definitely have similarities (big ol'long forum posts with tons of replies) but they have very different purposes and topics. If I was a brand new user and wanted to provide feedback on the EA, I wouldn't think to click on the Guides sub-forum. My concern is that potentially useful user feedback will get lost because people won't know where to post it (in new thread in this forum for the mega-thread in the Guides & Compilations forum). I suppose ultimately it depends on what you intend to do with the Guides & Compilations Forum, but if you want users to post there (to add to the Feedback mega-thread for example) having the first word of the sub-forum name be "Guides" might confuse people.