I have seen many people on this forum complain about how frustrating it is to see that 'Miss' every time they roll bad, even though they stand right in front of an enemy in heavy armour who is additionally wearing a shield. Wouldn't you agree that it would be a lot less frustrating if it would say something different if your attack doesn't hit, depending on the armour type the enemy is wearing?

For enemies in light armour it could say 'Dodged' or even continue to say 'Miss'.
For medium armour it could say 'Dodged'.
And if they are using a shield and/or heavy armour, it could say 'Blocked'.

Imo, this would both make more sense and be less frustrating, bc of course can I live with the enemy blocking things with a shield. But I CAN'T live with my attacks missing even though I'm hitting right at them with a mace.