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Even better: turn misses in a variety of visually different outcomes.
Once it's a miss on your side cause you fumbled your attack (i.e. for critical misses), another time it's the opponent swiftly dodging, another one is weapon parry or shield block and so on.

it's mostly a cosmetic and mechanically inconsequential thing, really, but it would make a certain difference in terms of presentation.

It seems more and more that cosmetic and mechanically inconsequential things are actually the things that make a game feel fun. Just seeing the same sidestep animation with the word "miss" or, even worse, giant red text saying "critical miss" gets old and boring, especially when it's literally the only thing that happens when I miss. Replace that with a block or parry, complete with some small animations and text to go with it for flavor, and it feels a lot more fun and like the enemies are actually participating in combat instead of just making a suicide run at me and anything that doesn't hit them is just because my aim was a little off.