So I got through 17 pages of feedback post and just want to add my voice and "+1". I know a lot has been mentioned before, but I really want Larian to listen on some of these things, so one more voice here.

Overall: I love the game already. What I really like is that Larian have found a balance between exploration, storyline and combat. I love to explore and find mysterious items but also to beat some difficult adversary in combat or follow a non-linear storyline with multiple solutions. I was giddy when I found the entrance to the necromancer cellar, because that is exactly how such a game should be imo. It´s like the weird, long and quite difficult storyline with the Tanner and the human skin armour in BG 2. Not because the old way is always the best way, but a storied game like Baldurs Gate needs a lot of mysteries and hidden stuff!
Really beautiful graphics with plants that actually look like real plants – wow there are recognizable dandelions, lupins and aloe vera plants.

ESSENTIAL – Keep the mystery and odd story lines intact. I want to be able to discover crazy items and weird hidden rooms.
Movement, maps and gameplay

+ 1 Alt reveal button is broken as it is - have it reveal all the interactables BUT NOT the hidden ones that require perception checks. It´s too easy when Alt allows you to see all interactables like in Pillars, Pathfinder, BG 2 after patches. I love that some things need to be found.
+1 Party selection and non-combat movement is a bit broken. Get rid of that “chainging” – it makes for ridiculous amounts of unnecessary micro
+1 Jumping in non-combat situations – if lead character jumps, the rest of selected characters should jump as well automatically, not as added action to movement.
+1 Rework resting, resting in place seems way more natural even though lugging around 25 different swords and armour is not.
+1 Remove waypoints make fast travel a sign post option and skip time instead, those waypoint seem totally out of place
+1 Too big maps, make more maps, smaller portions, little like BG 1, but with no travelling time in between.


+1 Delay turn in combat
+1 Jump button should be different from disengage.


NEW Camera gets stuck when panning around tall trees, cliffs etc.
+1 Fix camera to allow looking up as a minimum.


+1 Make it impossible to add useless clutter to hotbar
VERY IMPORTANT – +1 destroy used story items. (I just hated in BG, when I kept running around with demon heart thinking it could be used as an ingredient for a hidden quest).

Information and character sheets

+1 Learn spells from intelligence, not paying gold
+1Character sheets and effects – expand the sheet with more information, I want to be able to see what my characters suffers from not just as an icon on top of the character icon, but in my sheet during combat
+1 More tooltips
+1 More spell info in spell book and while learning spells – make like BG 1 and 2

Level up and experience

+1 Non combat XP
+1 No auto learn spells on level up

Graphics and music

NEW Botanics – please have some botanist help you with ecosystems and which plants live where. Dandelions don’t grow the same place as very dry subtropical aloe vera plants do.
NEW more iconic music. One of the best ways to create an atmosphere is distinct music. This is partly what made BG 1 and 2 so great. Just hearing the first note of the main menu music from BG can activate my entire nerdy being. Please recreate that feeling.
NEW Loading times – I have a an okay gaming PC (i5 8400, 16 Gb memory, Stix 2060 advanced) , but loading times are still waaay to long. Please improve.
+1 Items on characters – make items visible on characters in a realistic way, please put swords on sword belts.
+1 Faster rendering of surfaces. Can’t be right that my Stix RTX 2060 need to spend 30 sec rendering every time I load a game

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