Gale Death

As a test, I had him jump to his death. This resulted in him being teleported back to camp. It did not give the usual cutscene upon his death with all the instructions, and when I quick traveled back to camp, it placed me and another party member right in the necrotic damage aura. If I tried to move myself, the other party member would just walk back into the aura like a moron.


Switching characters for bartering doesn't switch what equipment you're comparing to. It's always stuck on the party member who initiated the conversation with the trader. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug, though.

Other oddities/QA in Druid Grove

Alfira - cinematic problem with standing/sitting, as well as disappearing hands/arms into her body/clothing.

Auntie Ethel - cinematic problem with the healing potion looking like it's stabbing through her hand. Also, her hands look like rigor mortis has set in. (Maybe it has wink )

Okta - cinematic problem with giving the bowl of gruel.

|Basic Fish| - there are three of these by Ormn, the bear on the beach area.