Did my first multiplayer game with a friend and we did run into some bugs with it like being unable to dismiss a party member or dialogs not starting up until the other person ends a dialog they're in.

I do have some suggestions, it's something that I think would work great in this game considering we have the dice roll mechanic. What I struggle with in co-op is that you easily miss out on important information if you don't stay glued to the other player (my friend has a habit of running off sometimes).

I would love it if the game would trigger a request to listen to the dialogs my friends are starting so I don't have to realise they're in a convo or whatever and click on it manually, only getting the info too late. Give me a prompt so I can join and not miss out on dialog.

Secondly, I wish you weren't a passive part of the conversation. I love how they handled dialog in SWTOR and think it would fit really well into this game: allow all party members to respond and then have the dice roll (not necessarily one you see) decide whose answer gets picked. It would make it feel like we really are in a party together and it's not just one player deciding and the other listening in.