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One possible issue is that the Companions all auto scale on pickup so you get that free XP just for recruiting or delaying recruitment. BG1 and 2 worked the same way, but it definitely gets you to a lvl 4 cap sooner.

And again, with a party of just 4 members its obviously going to scale up much faster to lvl 4. That point should probably have been made in the party size thread too if it hasn't already.

I enjoy the first 3 levels of character progression, but 5e is all like 'here take an adderall, hurry up!' Its cool, I get it. I like new spells and unlocks as much as the rest. But the scale and length of a session in a computer game is a little different than PnP. Sans cutscenes you can get to lvl3 in what feels like 30 minutes of actual play.

I think the level progression here is a little fast for my tastes. It would be nice to see other types of progression substituted for pure XP, since rewards are always at the DMs discretion. Gear/Aesthetics can be equally effective at giving the party a sense of accomplishment. But here everyone starts out looking pretty cool and there aren't a whole lot of money sinks for stuff like darts and arrows, or a new pair of comfortable shoes

My FAVORITE feature is that the companions auto-scale and have the same XP no matter what. It eliminates pointless grinding if you want to try out different companions, and it makes it so the team composition can constantly change without any issues. Also it satiates my OCD. I hate having to plan to keep a party's XP as close as possible per character.

It might be the best feature of the entire game.

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